Is the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) Striking the Right Balance Between Environmental Justice and Trade Equity?

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)

The developed world has witnessed a remarkable journey of growth and prosperity over the years. However, this journey has often been steeped in emissions and environmental consequences. Many industrialized nations historically thrived on carbon-intensive growth, which propelled them to their current state of prosperity. This growth trajectory not only exploited the planet’s resources but also … Read more

Thirsting for Solutions: India’s Looming Water Crisis

Thirsting for Solutions: India's Looming Water Crisis

India’s current water crisis is primarily driven by the below-average monsoon during June-August 2023. Data from the India Meteorological Department reveals that 42 percent of the country’s districts experienced below-normal monsoon rainfall during this period. In August 2023, rainfall across the country was 32 percent below the normal levels, with southern states experiencing an even … Read more

India’s Coal Conundrum: Balancing Supply and Demand

India's Coal Conundrum: Balancing Supply and Demand

India’s coal industry has been marred by the ongoing disputes and disagreements between the Ministries of Coal and Power, contributing to what can be aptly described as “India’s Coal Conundrum.” These disagreements have created uncertainty and challenges in the power sector, where the primary concern is the consistent and smooth supply of electricity. Despite the … Read more

The Forest Conservation Amendment Bill 2023:Balancing Development and Environment

Forest Conservation Amendment Bill 2023

Introduction The recent passage of the Forest Conservation Amendment Bill 2023 by the Lok Sabha has been met with both support and controversy from various stakeholders. The Bill, introduced by the Union Minister for Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, aims to tackle the evolving challenges in conserving and protecting India’s diverse and vital forests. While … Read more